2018: A Year in Music with MMK

As creatives, we spend a lot of time at the computer looking at screens and words and brand assets and social media accounts (more than we’d like to admit). We can work from anywhere and everywhere, so the ability to enliven an environment makes a huge difference in the vibe of any given workday. Enter music. As a self-proclaimed playlist fanatic long before this project, Meghan set out to create a playlist of fresh tunes every month of this year. This is how it turned out.

We hope that you jammed with us, that maybe you discovered something new and that the music left behind each month said something about who we were, what we were up to and what we felt. We’re all about creating things that aim to enliven, inspire and create movement. So here’s to all of the good jams in 2018 and many more in 2019.

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Meghan King