Client Spotlight: Turning Point Spa


From the moment we first chatted with Laurence McKee, owner of Turning Point Spa, we were excited and expectant for the work we would do together. After the past 8 months of creating a fresh brand identity for her, transforming her website, designing custom collateral pieces such as business cards and brochures, and continuous collaboration on strategic marketing efforts like social media and SEO, Laurence has become such a valued friend and client of ours and we’re excited to share more about her and her awesome brand with you.

With over 35 years of experience as an esthetician and massage therapist, Laurence was professionally trained in Paris, France and San Francisco, California. Her professional journey with skincare began at the age of 17 with her family business, Institut de Beaute, an upscale spa in the center of Paris. Committed to treating the wellness of the whole body, Laurence is also trained in Ayurvedic treatments.

Rooted in this vast experience and a deep passion for skin care, Turning Point Spa is a unique French Skincare experience based in Marin County that calls people to care for and indulge in the health and beauty of their body, inside and out. Believing in the art of French luxury, the important ritual of self care, the beauty of all skin types, and the joy of slowing down.


Meghan had the opportunity recently to visit Laurence at her new space in Mill Valley, and it was an experience more unique than any spa visit she’s had before (and she’s had many!)


“Visiting Turning Point Spa was like a rebirth for my skin. Upon entering the space, Laurence greets you with her warm, French energy and a hot cup of herbal tea. We sat down to chat about my skin, and how it relates to my busy life and my needs for self-care and occasional restoration. Nothing felt rushed, or hurried. It seemed like we had the whole day together.

The treatment started with a skin analysis tool, which I had never had experienced before. The results gave me insights into my skin that I had never heard, and I learned that I’ve most likely been treating my skin wrong for many years. Laurence then treated me with the most relaxing and healing  lymphatic facial using natural oils from De La Terre and a facial gemstone tool, chosen especially for my skin. The amazonite was used to stimulate cell regeneration for skin that is stressed. After my facial, I was served tea using the same herbs that were used in facial and given some suggestions for caring for my skin over the course for the next few days, and beyond.

I learned more about skin in a few hours with Laurence than I had in many years of facials. I won’t miss the opportunity to continue to be treated by Laurence and her magical art of skincare.”



If you ever find yourself in the Bay area in need of a little self-care day, we can’t recommend Laurence and Turning Point Spa enough! It truly is a spa experience unlike any other. Book an appointment and tell her we sent you to receive 10% off your first visit!

Meghan King